What We Do

Members buy storage rights to store grain at Lingrain Storage (LGS), which provides well-maintained stores for approximately 47,000 tonnes of combinable crops. Our high capacity intakes mean that members’ grain can be collected from the field quickly and efficiently.


Once harvested, our infrastructure and trading network provides flexibility on who and when to sell the crop to, resulting in members’ grain regularly beating market returns.


All our grain is marketed by Openfield (also a farmer owned co-operative), where a dedicated, expert team is available to advise on the wide choice of marketing options and pools available. Our dockside location and specialist segregation and blending techniques have the added advantage of allowing members to access export markets more easily and ensure that a higher percentage of crops reach the premium market.                 


Our prime position in the Port of Boston means that in addition to providing storage for members, LGS has been able to use the facility to export grain for third parties in return for an elevation fee. The profits generated from this work have been used to carry out an extensive refurbishment of the store, to build up reserves and make distributions to members.


In recent years, increased collaboration with near-by stores from within the Openfield Network has improved the operational efficiency of the Boston site further. Now, non-export material is stored away from the port, which has resulted in the site’s full operational value being retained for members. 


Is Group storage right for me?


While self storage can sometimes makes sense on owned land, the benefits of grain pooling, plus the diluted labour and drying costs, mean that many farmers find central storage a more attractive option.


We pride ourselves on providing objective, trusted advice to all prospective and existing members. This means that if we believe that central grain storage isn’t the right option for your farm, we’ll tell you so.


To find out more contact Managing Director Nick Francis on:

Office: 01205 353 355

Mobile: 07720 695 346