Lingrain Storage Ltd (LGS) is a Farmer Controlled Business owned by approximately 62 members, each owning one share in the business. The board comprises a Chairman, Managing Director and four other Directors, who are a mixture of shareholders and non-executives.


Members buy storage rights for each tonne of grain they wish to store, with the full payment spread over a set number of years. Extremely competitive storage charges and (if applicable) drying charges are then payable on annual basis.


LGS members are automatically members of Openfield, who is responsible for marketing members’ grain. Here, farmers can choose from a wide range of risk option and pools, benefiting from expert knowledge in a market widely renowned for its volatility.


Members are updated on the co-operative’s performance at the Annual General Meeting, and receive profit dividends on an annual basis (when applicable) based on the proportion of storage rights they own.


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